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Senior-friendly products that aid a safe and comfortable bathroom experience.

One of the primary aspects of a senior-friendly bathroom is the availability of safe fittings and appliances. People with limited mobility or other disabilities require fittings and furnishings that are safe and less complicated to use. Some appliances can become more difficult to use when the eyesight declines and the technology becomes more advanced, therefore at Seniority we provide you all the bathroom essentials that makes your experience safe and hassle-free. The products are specially designed to provide aid to people with poor strength and balance while reducing the risk of falls and accidents.

The bathroom safety starter kit contains products like grab bars that can be installed for people with limited mobility to stand up, enter or exit the bathroom with ease. If a tub is being used, a grab bar can help in providing support, while stepping in or out. The shower chairs and non-slip mats can help prevent slipping while bathing.

The Bathroom Safety Starter Kit contains all the essential furnishings for people who require aid due to limited mobility, weakness and other disabilities.

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